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APPETIZERS (Rs. 90/- net per item, surcharge applies for additional items)

  • Italian marinated grilled vegetable platter with balsamic dressing

  • Thai style spicy modha fish fillet with sweet chili sauce

  • Assorted cold meat platter with pickle vegetables

  • Seafood cocktail in pineapple boat

  • Herb flavored fish and prawn terrine

  • Homemade chicken liver mousse with fruit chutney

  • Chicken galantine and  liver mousse with fruit salsa

  • Smoked chicken breast with celery and apple

  • Honey roast chicken roulade with pineapple salsa

  • BBQ marinated chicken wings with black pepper sauce

  • Tandoori marinated fish fillet with curd and lemon dressing

  • Grilled vegetable terrine with pesto sauce

  •  Cold smoked pepper beef with horseradish cream and pickle vegetables

  • Pickled mackerel fish with apple and onion

  • Slow roasted tomato and cheese slice with basil oil

SALADS (Rs. 75/- net per item, surcharge applies for additional items)

  • Assorted garden greens with Cajun chicken

  • Fresh tomato, cucumber, lettuce, onion rings

  • Mustard potato salad and parsley

  • Fried brinjol salad with garlic curd

  • Cucumber with grain mustard cream and fresh herbs

  • Tuna fish, potato, green beans and olives salad

  • Potato, pork bacon and egg salad

  • Marinated artichoke bottoms, tomato and olive salad

  • Thai beansprout salad with vermicelli

  • Chicken and pineapple salad

  • Pasta, chicken mozzarella in pesto cream

  • Thai smoke beef and beansprouts salad

  • Seafood salad with macaroni pasta and basil oil

  • Greek salad with feta cheese

  •  Cole slaw with raisins


SOUP (Rs. 60/- net per item, surcharge applies for additional items)

  • Creamy chicken and mushroom

  • Chicken and corn with egg drops

  • Crab and sweet corn with spring onions

  • Pumpkin soup infused with lemongrass

  • creamy mixed mushroom soup

  • Roasted tomato soup with basil oil

  • Boston seafood chowder

  • Lentil soup with garlic croutons

  • Minestrone with basil oil

  • Creamy asparagus soup



CHICKEN (Rs. 275/- net per item, surcharge applies for additional items)


  • Chicken red curry

  • Sri Lankan spiced roast chicken with gravy

  • Chili spiced marinated chicken drumsticks with lemongrass sauce

  • Chicken pepper stew with capsicum and onions

  • Chicken and pineapple curry

  • Devilled chicken with bell peppers

  • Southern black chicken curry

  • Jaffna chicken curry


  • Stir fried chicken with dry red chili

  • Cantonese chicken with soy and ginger

  • Soy marinated  fried chicken

  • Chili chicken with kankung

  • Thai green chicken curry

  • Sweet and sour chicken

  • Chicken satay with peanut sauce

  • Teriyaki chicken with green beans and sesame


  • Chicken korma

  • Madras chicken curry

  • Chicken tikka masala

  • Oven roasted tandoori chicken

  • Butter chicken

  • Chicken jalfrazei

  • Chicken palak

  • Chicken Malay kebab

  • Chicken 65

  • Chicken keema with green peas


  • Balsamic marinated chicken breast

  • Chicken ragout with mushrooms

  • Chicken piccata with caper butter sauce

  • Chicken crumbed fried with spicy garlic mayonnaise

  • Chicken and bell pepper skewer

  • Chicken fricassee with mushrooms and celery

  • Chicken chasseur

  • Chicken roulade stuffed with spinach and mozzarella

BEEF DISHES (Rs. 275/- net per item, surcharge applies for additional items)


  • Beef polkiri badum

  • Beef devilled with pineapple

  • Beef red curry

  • Tempered beef curry

  • Beef and potato curry

  • Beef fry with capsicum and chili

  • Tamarind beef curry


  • Beef Vindaloo

  • Stir fried beef with bamboo shoot and oyster sauce

  • Beef satay with peanut sauce

  • Kang kung beef

  • Beef masala with lemongrass

  • Beef with dry red chili


  • Braised beef with mushroom and red wine

  • Beef stroganoff with gherkins

  • Beef and potato pie

  • Beef meat ball with tomato concasse

  • Beef lasagna

  • Herb marinated beef skewer

  • Australian Beef wellington with red wine jus - Rs. 450/- net

PORK DISHES (Rs. 250 net/- per item, surcharge applies for additional items)


  • Pork stew with onion and capsicum

  • Pork black curry

  • Pork devilled with pineapple

  • Pork fry with chili and capsicum

  • Pork and pineapple curry


  • Stir fry pork with bamboo shoot

  • Goan pork vindaloo

  • Pork spare ribs with Thai chili sauce

  • Sweet and sour pork

  • Honey glazed char sui pork



  • Braised pork loin with apple cider sauce

  • BBQ pork spare ribs with hot garlic sauce

  • Pork chop with pommery mustard sauce

  • Pork Milanese crumbed fried and tomato sauce

  • Pork piccata with  caper butter

  • Honey roast pork loin with apple cider sauce CARVERY – Rs. 400/- net

MUTTON DISHES (Rs. 325/- net per item, surcharge applies for additional items)


  • Jaffna mutton curry

  • Mutton and potato red curry

  • Mutton mustard stew

  • Mutton fry with green chili and onion

  • Mutton devilled


  • Indian mutton masala

  • Mutton korma

  • Mutton Rogan josh

  • Stir fried mutton with vegetables

  • Malaysian mutton curry with lemongrass

  • Mutton and green peas keema


  • Roast leg of mutton with ratatouille

  • Mutton leg Provençale

  • Mutton Irish stew

  • Minced mutton and potato pie

  • Mutton and potato stew with rosemary 

  • Roast lamb leg with rosemary sauce - Rs. 400/- net

  • Herb crusted rack of lamb with minted jus – Rs. 450/- net

FISH DISHES (Rs. 275/- net per item, surcharge applies for additional items)


  • Traditional tuna fish ambulthial

  • Peppered mustard fish stew with capsicum and onions

  • Spicy or mild fish curry

  • Devilled talapath fish with bell peppers


  • Steamed whole fish Thai style

  • Deep fried grouper fish Cantonese style

  • Sweet and sour fish

  • Teriyaki fish with soy and ginger


  • Fish tikka masala

  • Fried fish Amritsar

  • Malabar fish curry

  • Fish masala

  • Baked whole fish masala sauce


  • Fish  thermidor

  • Crumbed fried modha fish  with tartar sauce

  • Grilled barramundi fish fillet with garlic chili butter

  • Seafood kebab with lemon butter sauce

  • Norwegian salmon fillet  in puff pastry with horseradish cream -  Rs. 400/- net

VEGETABLE DISHES (Rs. 90/- net per item, surcharge applies for additional items)


  • Mixed vegetable curry

  • Brinjol moju

  • Tempered dhal curry

  • Mysore dhal curry

  • Potato mustard curry

  • Tempered potatoes with maldive fish

  • Devilled potatoes

  • Green peas carrot and cashew curry

  • Tempered green beans with maldive fish



  • Vegetable chopsuey

  • Fried brinjol with soy, chili and ginger

  • Fried pakchoy, spinach and bean curd

  • Garlic kankung


  • Vegetable au gratin

  • Gratin potatoes with garlic

  • Sautéed vegetable with mushrooms

  • Grilled vegetable with balsamic vinegar

  • Vegetable lasagna

  • Savory potatoes with bell peppers


  • Aloo gobi masala

  • Aloo palak

  • Vegetable jalfrazei

  • Vegetable korma

  • Alu mutter

  • Paneer mutter masala

RICE (Rs. 90/- net per item, surcharge applies for additional items)

  • Steamed basmati rice

  • Vegetable fried rice

  • Sri Lankan yellow rice

  • Ghee kiri samba rice

  • Nasi goreng with chicken

  • Nasi goreng vegetarian

  • Thai fried rice with egg and leeks

  • Mongolian spicy fried rice

  • Tomato rice with corn and kidney beans

  • Vegetable biryani

PASTA AND NOODLES (Rs.  120/- net per item, surcharge applies for additional items)

  • Singapore fried vegetable noodles

  • Spicy vegetables and egg noodles

  • Thai vegetable noodles with beansprouts and mushrooms

  • Mongolian spicy vegetable noodles

  • Penne pasta arabiatta

  • Penne pasta with mushroom parmesan cream sauce

  • Baked macaroni with cheese

  • Spaghetti Neapolitan

  • Buttered spaghetti with pesto sauce

  • Spaghetti with mushroom, spinach and parmesan cream

  • Assorted pasta with three sauces – Rs. 200/- net 

DESSERTS (Rs. 110/- net per item, surcharge applies for additional items)

  • Fresh fruits in season

  • Cream caramel

  • Watalappan with caramelized sauce

  • Fruit trifle with compote fruits

  • Triple Chocolaté mousse

  • Coffee bavarois

  • Fruit bavarois

  • Fruit mousse with berry sauce

  • Mini fruit tartlets

  • French pastries

  • Assorted ice creams

  • Sago pudding with treacle

  • Baked cheese cake

  • Baileys’ cheese cake

  • Black forest gateaux

  • Chocolate brownies

  • Cream Brule

  • Pineapple upside down cake

  • Tiramisu with Kahlua sauce

  • Chocolate biscuit pudding

  • Lemon meringue pie

  • Lime mousse cake

  • Florida gateaux

  • Italian coconut panna cotta

  • Apple tart

  • Swiss chocolate profiterole     

  • Coffee bavrois

  • French pastries

  • Assorted ice cream

  • Baked cheese cake

  • Baileys cheese cake

  • Black forest gateaux

  • Chocolate brownies

HOT – warm chocolate mud cake with vanilla ice cream

      Bread and butter pudding with vanilla sauce


PRAWN DISHES (Rs. 300/- net per item)

  • Prawn in hot garlic sauce

  • Prawn curry with murunga leaves

  • Batter fried prawns with hot garlic sauce – (ACTION)

  • Prawn kebab with garlic butter sauce

  • Tandoori marinated grilled prawns

  • Sweet and sour prawns

  • Thai marinated prawns with coconut and lemongrass

  • Sautéed prawns with mushrooms in sauvignon blanc sauce

  • Prawn thermidor

  • Crumbed fried prawns with tartar sauce

  • Devilled prawns with pineapple

CUTTLE FISH (Rs. 300/- net per item)

  • Hot butter cuttlefish

  • Cuttle fish stew with capsicum and onions

  • Devilled cuttle fish

  • Jaffna cuttle fish curry

  • Stir fried cuttle fish with oyster sauce

  • Grilled cuttle fish skewer with lime butter sauce


  • Kottu roti with chicken curry Rs.300/- net per person

  • Hoppers – eggs and plain with seeni sambol, lunu miris – Rs. 200/- net per person

  • String hopper with potato curry and pol sambol – Rs. 200/-  net per person 

Detailed International Buffet menu

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